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Monday, February 26, 2007


at work, lm wanted to know when daylight saving time started this year...Traditionally I'd Google. But today I did something very different, and weird :S . I quickly typed in a url: yup, a BLOG! It was an instant reaction. I didn't have to think which blog might have it, or what the url is, or (knowing how dyxlesic* i am) how to spell it :D
It was on "The Blog About Nothing"

* Google says it's "dyxlesic". The ironing is delicious!

Lately, I realize I've been referring to blog quite a bit. Hrah and I were discussing mawlids, and instantly I'd remember a blog where I read something or watched a video about it.

And we were talking about the Ghazali Project, and voilĂ , I knew the blog where I had read an article by a member of the project

That prolly says a lot about how much I spend reading blogs :


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