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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Cultural Amplifiers

No matter how much I love my cell phone, sometimes it can be equally annoying. Cell phone are known to go off @ the wrong time, @ the wrong place!


"yeah..okk..i'll see..yup..fine..I see..nah,nah..",continues the talking man(TM). The other man(OM),who stands beside the TM,listens blankly and waiting for the TM's convo on mobile phone to end. "That's fine..sure,we can..what else?..yeah yeah..what's he doing now?.." OM leans against a pillar with arms folded high across the chest.

"I dont'think it'll be possible..and're right..aha...tell me..okie..fine then..."

OM crosses legs lightly at the ankles,tilts his head slightly downwards and occasionally shuffles his shoes,checks over his clothes.......At this juncture,TM sees towards OM and shows his right hand thumb and ring finger a request for a minute..


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