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Sunday, March 18, 2007

taa daaa

I'd like the option of checking my to-do list from anywhere - home desktop, home laptop, work desktop, blackberry, - literally everywhere. When I was in school, it was a notepad file on my desktop - it was called.....very obviously - "to-do.txt". It did the job, but very limited.

Seems like more people are thinking like me now (or am i thinking like the rest)

So, the options for online to-do have been compared and rated: To- Do more from techCrunch

I just got myself a Ta-Da list. Ta-Da! :D



Blogger AKA said...

I'm horrible at organizing myself. I tend to have my to-do lists on stray bits of paper in my bag which, without fail, tend to get lost. I've tried getting an organizer (the old-fashioned paper kind) and even a desktop calendar for my PC that has notes/to-do list included. Still...the bits of paper work since theyre always around when I need to write something down (but of course, missing when I need them lol)

11:16 PM  

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