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Sunday, May 06, 2007


Faraz from Irrelevant Opinions, raised a valid concern. He's referring to networking events that serve alcohol. He'd rather not go to these events, even if it's the best step for his career growth. I can totally relate to it. I feel the same about smoking. The ones from my team that smoke spend a lot of time with the directors, who are also incidentally there - smoking.

And when Faraz mentioned this to a friend, his friend had a very valuable reminder. I wanted to share that here, because it's easily forgotten. In today's busy world, @ times, we only believe what we see.
"......"No, you aren't losing opportunities. Opportunities are from Allah; there is no progress in disobedience. Allah will open the opportunities for you so long as you keep to your path. Your rizq is already written."
i know some of you might be thinking, why am i posting this here? it's got nothing to do with technology, or "wired-ness"...but since i'm in IT, my work stuff goes on here :D

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Blogger Faraz said...


Thanks for the link, sister. I'm in technology consulting and I encounter this problem at technology conferences, so this story has a lot to do with technology, I think.

Smoking drives me nuts as well, but that's never been much of an issue; it's the large conferences that I'm invited to all over the place where everyone goes out for drinks afterwards that bothers me. Especially when I'm travelling (which is always) and all the other out-of-towners want to get together; they know you don't have anything better to do since you're away from home. But alhamdolillah, they don't persist anymore; if I say no, they accept it.

All the best, insha-Allah!

All the best, insha-Allah!

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